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Helping you know yourself

At Mycrobiome, we use cutting-edge technology to give you the most accurate microbiome analysis possible.
By helping our clients learn about their microbiomes, we are driving the world to a place where essential scientific information is at everyone’s fingertips. .

Mycrobiome labs are both CAP accredited and CLIA certified. This means that we put the quality and accuracy of our analyses first, ensuring that we provide you with the best information possible.

Research Led

We use research to drive our products and make sure we are always on the cutting edge.

Certified Lab

Our lab is CAP Accredited and CLIA certified

Technology Focused

We use cutting edge technology to deliver your data in easy to understand reports

Meet Our Team

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Diana Ye

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Fenglin Yin

Director of Analytics
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Jinghua Xu

Director of Genomic Center
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Jonathan De Jong


Our Lab

Our lab utilizes state of the art sequencing abiding by and exceeding industry standards in handleing of your specimes and the resulting data.

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